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August 26th 2016 / Hoam:Art „Cook andDraw“

Yesterday we had an workshop on cooking, drawing, painting & photography by our cultural association „hoam:art“

There were guests from different nations –  it was a very exciting and nice experience to me. After preparing the meal we’ve been enjoying it together in the sunny garden of the school schola in Linz. Thanks to all participants and first and foremost my hoam:art colleagues.


July 10th 2016 / Giselawarte

The Giselawarte is a look-out at the Lichtenberg-mountain close to the city of Linz / Upper Austria. I’ve been enjoying a small but wonderful trip by bike there. The drawing is diplaying a view down to the Danube in the late afternoon. Later on I had the pleasure zu meet two tame rabbits at a nice meadow in the shadow…


July 6th 2016 / Erich Kästner

I’m grateful that I got in touch with the work of german writer Erich Kästner (1899-1974) ( in the school where I’m teaching.
I fell that it is highly beneficial to listen to stories and thougts of such an attentive observer of societies – giving comfort, warning, pleasure,…